A portable stand for a mobile phone.

I wanted a stand for my phone, but I needed to be able to carry it around with me. The ideal size was a credit card. So it seemed obvious to make it out of one. Or rather, two.

Take 2 credit cards. These are for some lottery I think. They were giving them away at the corner shop. The standard card size is around 85.5mm by 54mm.

Cut a 12mm strip off the edge of one of them.

Using sticky tape, stick the edges of the 2 cards together to make a hinge. Fold back the other way and stick the other side too.

Trim the excess tape off. You should now have a hinged pair of cards.

Cut a 45mm wide strip of paper. Tape this in the same way onto the card edge you cut earlier.

Tape the other end to the intact card, 12mm from its edge.

Fold the cards in two and trim off any excess paper and tape. This will also fold the paper in two. You now have the frame of the stand completed.

The next bit I learned some years ago. I had to walk with a stick for some months because of a back problem. My walking stick wouldn't stay anywhere I put it and kept falling over. It hurt to bend down and pick it up. I glued a small piece of rubber to the handle, so I could rest it on eg, a table, and the extra friction prevented it from falling off. It solved the problem of the falling stick.

So, take a thin strip of rubber. This is from an old bicycle tyre, but I expect an elastic band will do just as well. Glue it, using a suitable glue, to the edge of the card, just a couple of mm should do. It is to hold the edge of the phone and stop it from slipping off the stand.

Wait until it is dry and cut the excess off with a pair of scissors.

Finished! You now have a mobile phone stand that fits in your wallet. If you prefer a different angle you can change the width of the strip of paper to suit.