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I occasionally make things that might by useful to other people. I thought it was time I shared some of them. I've also added some commentary.

Most of the code examples are on GitHub

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UK Maps

UK maps showing linguistic clusters of placenames

Modified RANSAC algorithm

Modified RANSAC algorithm, part of an image processing project to detect the position of a guitar neck.


Why it may make your code worse.

Smart Power Controller

Remote controlled phase controlled mains switch

Home Energy Monitor

Monitor your houshold electricity supply

Triac Power Control

Power control using an Arduino and a triac. Use all your excess solar power without having to import any.

Electricity Meter Reader

An Arduino based project to read Watt-hour data from an Elster A100C electricity meter.

3D Photos

A simple way to make 3D photos (red-green) with any digital camera.

Mobile Phone Stand

A very cheap and easy to make stand for a mobile phone.

Reversing Sonar

Reverse Engineering a commercial reversing sonar product.